Abbott Law Firm Results

Eviction — Tenant failed to pay rent. Abbot Law Firm served a three day notice, filed an eviction action and was successful in having the tenant evicted. A judgment was obtained against the tenant and was eventually collected, allowing the landlord to be reimbursed for fees, costs, damages and unpaid rent.

Debt Collection — Tenant vacated premises, leaving damages and unpaid rent. Abbott Law Firm obtained a judgment against the tenant and collected the judgment, reimbursing the landlord in full.

Quiet Title — Lien was filed on real property. Abbott Law Firm filed a quiet title action and had the lien removed.

Quiet Title — Client sold real property. Buyer obtained a first mortgage and client/seller wrote a second to cover the down payment. Buyer breached on the contract and failed to pay the first or second mortgage. Client/seller hired Abbott Law Firm to foreclose on second mortgage. When this was complete, client contacted holder of first mortgage and requested a payoff. Holder of first mortgage refused to give a payoff. A quiet title action was filed. When holder of first mortgage refused to give the court a payoff, Abbott Law Firm was successful in getting the court to quiet title in favor of client.

Boundary Line Agreement — Client owned undeveloped real property. A large condominium project was built adjacent to client’s property. The fence built by the developers encroached on client’s land. Abbott Law Firm negotiated a settlement and drew up the paperwork to effectuate the settlement. The boundary line agreement was filed with the County Recorder’s Office.

Probate — Client’s father died, leaving real property to client. Abbott Law Firm filed a probate and did the paperwork to have the property transferred into client’s name.

Tax appeal — County revalued client’s property at a higher rate resulting in a higher property tax. Abbott Law Firm hired an appraiser and assisted client in challenging the assessment. Abbott Law Firm was successful in lowering the tax assessed against client.