Family Related Criminal Law

Getting caught up in the criminal justice system is stressful enough but, when it involves the family directly, the stress could tear your family apart.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence in Utah is more like an enhancement to an underlying charge. So there will need to be a charge like assault, harassment, stalking, or even a crime against property. One common underlying charge is Criminal Mischief, a crime usually charged when someone keys a car, smashes a mailbox, or vandalizes someone else’s property. The problem arises when that property is marital property- owned by both spouses. Because the property is owned by someone other than the defendant, it qualifies as Criminal Mischief. The law only specifies that the crime be committed against a cohabitant, so being a roommate is enough to qualify as Domestic Violence. Having minors present or using a weapon could increase punishment.

Custodial Interference

Custodial Interference usually occurs in the middle of a difficult dispute between ex-spouses. A conviction might complicate parent time or even custody.

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