Timing of the Modification

Modifications usually need a change in circumstances before a court will even consider it. This could be anything from unemployment, moving, or a change in health. Every three years, however, a court will consider a modification without needing to see a change in circumstances. Either way, the modification will be retroactive back to the date of filing, so filing sooner rather than later is important.

Things to be Modified

Child Support and Child Custody are the most common things modified. Parent Time is especially important to modify as children grow. The Parent-Time needs of a toddler are much different than a pre teen or teenager and so the Parent Time schedule should change, too.

Things that are usually not Modified

Spousal Support (Alimony) and the division of assets are things that are not usually modified. There are a few rare instances where this might happen, like if one spouse hid assets from the other.

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