Hostile Work Environment

Since 1994, Abbott Law Firm has been standing up for the rights of employees in Utah who have been subjected to hostile work environments. We have the experience, the knowledge and the resources to take on the largest employers in these employment law cases.

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Nearly everyone has encountered hostility at work at some point. That hostility may come from the boss or from a coworker. While this can be stressful, it is not always illegal.

When the hostile workplace is motivated by discrimination, or in retaliation for reporting many types of illegal conduct, or sexual harassment because of your race or ethnicity, disability, age, gender or because of a similar trait, it is illegal. You can take action, and our attorneys can help you get compensation and justice.

You Have the Right to Do Your Job

You have the right to do your job and earn your income. When a hostile work environment interferes with that right, it does much more than interfere with your ability to get your work done. The stress of the discrimination or harassment can carry through to your personal life, impacting your home life, your financial security and more. Nobody should be subjected to unlawful harassment and our lawyers are dedicated to helping those who have been harmed by unlawful conduct in the workplace.

Your First Step

If you have not done so already, find out the process that your employer has set up to address hostile work environments. Follow that process by informing your employer of the unlawful conduct to which you have been subjected. Set forth the facts in a straightforward manner.  The key is to get the situation documented. Keep a record in which you note events, dates, names of witnesses and other important details. This may constitute important evidence in your case, so keep your documentation factual and consider how others might react if they read what you are writing.

If the hostile work environment is not immediately remedied, call or email to discuss your case with a Utah Hostile Work Environment Attorney.

We care deeply about protecting the rights of workers.  We believe in what we do and stand ready to help.