Abbott & Associates Results

Corporate Formation — Group of Entrepreneur’s wanted to set up a corporation to create and run a web site. Abbott Law Firm set up the corporation for them, allowing them to focus on the web site.

Limited Liability Company Formation — Couple owned income producing real estate and wanted the asset protection benefits for the real property. Abbott Law Firm set up a limited liability company and transferred the real estate into the newly formed company.

$18,500 Judgement — Utah Limited Liability Company gave $18,500 to web site developer to create a web site. Web site developer then failed to deliver the web site or to return the money. Abbott Law Firm took the matter to arbitration and obtained an award against the Web Site developer and in favor of the client for the full amount paid plus filing fees plus attorney fees.

Contract — Utah Contractor needed a form contract that could be used for all subcontractors and would comply with requirements imposed by liability insurer of general contractor. Abbott Law Firm worked with liability insurer and general contractor to create a reusable form contract that satisfied both insurer and general contractor.

Employee Termination — Employee quit his job and took documents from employer. Employer then hired Abbott Law Firm. Abbott Law Firm was able to secure the return of all documents from ex-employee without filing a lawsuit.

Domain Name Dispute — Utah Company discovered that a competitor had registered a confusingly similar domain name. Abbott Law Firm filed a complaint with WIPO under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and was able to have the domain name transferred to client.

Subpoena Compliance — Utah company was served with a subpoena requiring it to give private business information to a third party. Abbott Law Firm intervened in the case and had the subpoena cancelled, thereby protecting the privacy of client’s trade secrets.