Why Choose Abbott Law Firm As Your Utah Auto Accident Lawyer?

We understand you have many options in choosing a personal injury attorney, but we believe that we are your best choice in a Utah personal injury attorney for the types of personal injury cases we routinely handle.

So how do we stack up against our competitors? This table shows that we are your best choice for a personal injury attorney in Utah.

Abbott & Associates Competitor
Does not charge fee to open file. Charges fee to open file.
Attorneys give personalized care to each client. Attorneys are too busy to give attention to each client.
Put client’s first. Put referral sources first.
Willing to take cases to trial or arbitration when required to get fair result for client.. Settle all cases regardless of fairness of offer.
Does not charge fee on PIP benefits. Charges fee on PIP benefits.
Does not charge fee on vehicle damage. Charges fee for vehicle damage.
Extremely positive reviews by clients. Mixed reviews by clients.


At Abbott & Associates we know that our success is based upon the results we get for our clients. Because we handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee, we only earn a fee when we are successful.

So what does it take to be successful?

  • Experience: The lawyers of Abbott & Associates have handled thousands of personal injury cases. This has given us a tremendous amount of experience. We know what it takes to build and present a strong personal injury case. We know how to develop a case for trial. When you hire Abbott & Associates, you hire that experience.
  • A sound work ethic: It is often said of lawyers that the key to success is not inspiration, but perspiration. If there is one most important key to winning cases, it is hard work. We pride ourselves on being physically tough and putting in the time to win your case.
  • Friendliness: We take pride in maintaining a friendly office where you can feel comfortable and at ease. Everyone likes a tough lawyer, and we believe we are tough lawyers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t smile a little and be pleasant with our own clients. We don’t particularly like stuffiness, and we want our clients to be comfortable coming into the office just as they are. On some days you may even find us in casual clothes too.
  • Ethical representation: The rules of professional conduct require that attorneys be honest with the courts. We will not be involved in presenting fraudulent claims or misrepresenting the facts or the law to the court. We believe that if we always approach judges with candor they will respect us and believe us, and in the long run that will benefit our clients. We always instruct our clients to tell the truth. If you are ever confronted with a lawyer who asks you to do something that is not honest, you should be very wary, because a lawyer who is not honest with insurance companies or with judges may not be honest with his or her own clients either.
  • Negotiating skills: Some people erroneously believe that in seeking out a lawyer they should find a “pit bull.” That is not true. Pit bulls are vicious dogs that are out of control. In negotiating settlements a “cooperative negotiator,” who is skilled, a good listener, friendly, and always in control, will almost always accomplish much more at the bargaining table than a combative, irritable “aggressive negotiator” whom no one likes. Juries sense it too, and in front of a jury honest, ethical advocates for their clients truly do finish first. There is a place, however, for a display of righteous outrage. An aggressive negotiator will walk all over you at a bargaining table if you don’t meet him or her with equal intensity. The best lawyer is one who is genuinely a nice person, but who can be firm and tough when necessary, and always be in control of his or her emotions.
  • Relief of stress: Going to a lawyer is not a pleasant experience. It is like going to the dentist. You go to a dentist when you have a sick tooth. You go to a lawyer when you have a problem you can’t resolve on your own. Sometimes those problems are very stressful, at least until they are resolved. We care about you, and would like to relieve the stress as much as we can. Let us shoulder your burdens, and do the worrying for you. We believe that is a very important part of our job.
  • Keeping you informed: We do a number of things to try to keep you informed about what is going on with your matter. Obviously, we can’t call every client every day, or we’d never have time to get the work done. But, to make up for that, we send you copies of correspondence and documents so that you’ll know what we are doing for you.
    If you have a question, you are welcome to call anytime, we have competent staff members who can answer most of your questions. If they can’t our personal injury attorneys are delighted to speak with you and answer your questions.
  • Availability: We believe you are entitled to a lawyer whose home-phone is listed in the telephone book and who will not be angry if you call at night or on a weekend.
  • Technology: Abbott & Associates employs the latest in computer technology. Our paperless filing system allows all attorneys and staff members instant access to all documents and research that have been generated in every case we handle. This benefits our clients not only by improving the quality of our representation, but by being able to answer their questions quickly and accurately.
  • Lawyers with a strong academic background: Many people think of lawyers as colorful extroverts. The truth is, the law has been referred to as the learned profession. Most good lawyers were superior students in law school and approach their profession as scholars. Each of the lawyers at Abbott & Associates, were among the top students in their law class and continue to spend a substantial amount of time researching and writing.
  • Sound scholarship: At Abbott & Associates we take great pride in doing careful research. That doesn’t mean we are always right, because no one can guarantee that, but it does mean that we will do our very best to do the research necessary to win your case.