Abbott Law Firm Results

Disclaimer: These are a smattering of some of the results we have obtained from clients. They shouldn’t be viewed as what you might expect as a result in your case.

$70,000 settlement. Client was 15 years old and woring in a Snowie shack as a summer job. Client injured his left middle index finger in a Snowie Brand ice shaver. Snowie denied the claim and refused to even discuss settlement. Snowie claimed that client was more than 50% at fault. We filed a lawsuit and pressed it to trial. We found a user in Florida who had been injured in a similar way. We claimed that machine was negligently designed due to improper placement of on/off switch, no interloc device and inadequate warnings. Worker’s compensation paid all medical bills and lost income to client. About two months before trial, Snowie offered to settle for $20,000. We rejected the offer and pushed case toward trial. Five days before trial, Snowie offered to settle for $70,000. We accepted. We negotiated with worker’s compensation fund so that client had no obligation to repay them for medical bills or lost income they had paid.

$1,000,000 policy limits settlement in auto accident. Sixteen year old driver veered across center line and struck vehicle in which client was a passenger. Client suffered serious injuries including the loss of a kidney.

$177,500 for rotator cuff tear requiring surgical repair. After the mediation concluded, the mediator congratulated us and told us that this settlement was $50,000 higher than any settlement or verdict he was aware of for this type of injury.

$1,064,999.97 settlement for the death of a common law spouse when the vehicle being driven by the deceased lost control and rolled. The paying party was a rental company who had rented a tow vehicle to the deceased. The tow company argued that the they were not at fault. Instead, the deceased was at fault for losing control of the vehicle. The children were represented by a different attorney and their share of the settlement is not included.

$125,000 policy limits settlement in auto accident. Twenty-one year old mentally disabled client was passenger in vehicle that was rear ended at intersection. Vehicle cost $2,150 to repair. Client was diagnosed with a bruise to her knee and whiplash at the Emergency Room. She did not receive any additional treatment for several months. When she returned to doctor, she was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury. $25,000 came from the liability carrier and $100,000 came from the under-insured carrier.

$53,159.94 jury verdict in rear end auto accident case. Client suffered soft tissue back injuries requiring medical care.

$20,000 settlement for whiplash injuries received in an automobile accident. Defendant claimed light was green but we found two witnesses who would testify for our client. Our client went to the Emergency Room and to a chiropractor for physical therapy.

$1,750,000 policy limits settlement for death of seven year old girl in an auto accident.

$250,000 settlement for injuries received by 48 year old man in a low speed auto accident. Our client had been in an serious accident only 9 months before the second accident. In the first accident he suffered a fractured skull and a reduction in mental abilities. We claimed that the second, low speed accident caused a further reduction in mental abilities. The insurance company disputed that and offered $5,000 on policy limits of $100,000. The insurance company paid the $100,000 plus an additional $150,000 over policy limits to settle on the eve of trial. The insured was indigent and did not pay.

$300,000 settlement for the death of a nine month old baby. The child had been born with numerous birth defects. During a surgery to repair one of the birth defects, the doctor nicked the bowel. The defense claimed no error and that the infant had a shortened life expectancy due to the other birth defects.