Abbott & Associates Results

Disclaimer: These are a smattering of some of the results we have obtained from clients. They shouldn’t be viewed as what you might expect as a result in your case.

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Wrongful Lien — Two wrongful liens were placed on client’s home by contractors. We were successful in getting the first lien released within one week. We filed suit on the second lien. Title was cleared within 4 months of client retaining our firm. All attorney fees were paid by wrongful lienors.

$120,000 settlement for Sexual Harassment / Hostile Work Environment — client worked as receptionist at mortgage company. While on the job she was sexually harassed by her employer / the owner. Because mortgage company had few than 15 employees, claims were brought solely under Utah State Law. $120,000 settlement at the close of fact discovery.

Quiet Title — Client was duped into transferring title to her home to a man who said he would get a loan on the home and invest the money at a profit. The man got a loan on the home and stole the money. The bank then foreclosed and took the home. We filed suit and got a judgment in favor of client quieting title to home in favor of the client and against the fraudster and the bank.

Dismissal — Client loaned money for purchase of home. Borrower filed lawsuit against bank for numerous alleged wrongful acts. We were successful in getting the case dismissed on summary judgment.

Quiet Title — Client sold condo on contract and took back second mortgage to secure the contract. Buyer failed to make monthly payments to client. We filed foreclosure docs and sold the home at foreclosure. This put our client in a second position behind the bank. We contacted bank and asked for payoff. When bank failed to respond, we filed quiet title action against bank. Because bank was unable to prove what payments had been made on first, we got a judgment against bank quieting title in favor of client.

Defense Verdict — Client was charged with negligent homicide for death of youth in wilderness survival youth program. We won the case at the preliminary hearing. Case dismissed.

Fraud Judgment — Client lent $85,000 to husband and wife and took lien on horse as collateral. Couple failed to repay loan. Couple then filed bankruptcy. We got permission from bankruptcy court to hold trial in State Court. We filed a fraud action and took it to trial. Verdict was for full amount of loan, plus interest plus attorney fees plus costs. Bankruptcy court refused to discharge debt because it was based on fraud. Couple appealed and we won the appeal. We were successful in collecting all principal. We are still getting monthly checks to pay off interest, attorney fees and court costs.

Eviction and Judgment — Client owned real property and rented it to tenants. Tenants failed to pay. We served three day notice and tenant failed to leave. We filed suit and got writ of restitution. With assistance from Sheriff, tenant left. We obtained a judgment against tenant for treble damages, costs of suit and attorney fees.

$150,000 settlement for sexual harassment — Client worked for large national corporation. She was sexually harassed by a supervisor. Settlement was obtained prior to suit being filed.

Summary Judgment — Client sold home and was then sued for fraud in sale of home. We defended. Filed and won summary judgment dismissing case.

Defense Verdict — Client was charged criminally with assault. We went to trial and proved that client was acting in self defense. Case dismissed.